The company ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD was founded in Israel in June 2010, and from the beginning his work was focused on creating systems for dental implant unsurpassed quality .

Cooperation with leading world experts, research centers and institutes implantology allowed the specialists of the company ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD to develop innovative implant system, aimed at maximum efficiency.

Currently ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD produces advanced systems of implants ASPER and TENERAE, the system of one-stage implants SOLIDIS, surgical suprastructures, prosthetic components, and tools and equipment for dental implantation.

During 3 years of presence in the world market, the company managed to create a stable feedback from customers from different countries. This helps the specialists of the research center of ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD to create new products and improve existing ones, taking into account proposals of the leading experts in the field of dental implantology from different countries. The results of clinical trials, confirmed by official reports, prove high efficiency products ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD in the field of dental implants, prosthetics and bone grafting.

To reaffirm its commitment to creating a product that meets the most stringent standards of quality and safety, the company ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD certified systems ISO13485 , ISO 9001, CE, and also has a registration state of Ukraine. Currently ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD continues to search for new innovative solutions in the field of implantology to achieve its primary goal of unsurpassed quality products and service that meet the highest expectations of dentists all over the world and their clients.

An important feature of the company ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD is the creation of a world system of continuous education and training on the basis of the international Institute for Technion , Israel. ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD acts as the organizer and sponsor of many scientific-practical conferences, symposiums and seminars around the world.

Why dentists choose ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD

All products ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD created and perfected practicing dentists who know all the intricacies of dental implantation, all the pitfalls and potential complications that may occur during operation. This system takes into account all your wishes, even before you say them.
Best quality + reasonable price = the secret world of success ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD .
The ease of use. Intuitively, the algorithm works at all stages. The system of selection of drill bits during installation of the implant almost 100% eliminates the risk of errors. The same prosthetic platform regardless of the diameter of the implant facilitates the selection and installation of abutment prosthetic stage.
The versatility. You will be able to find the optimal combination of the implant-abutment for each clinical case. System ASPER , TENERAE allow simultaneous implant placement with immediate loading, allow the prosthesis even when a large inclination of the implants relative to each other.
A unique system of information support and training.
Transparent payment system.
High efficiency supplies. Our warehouses dealers that provides high-speed delivery of all necessary materials and components in your clinic.
Unprecedented warranty ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD . Experts ADAMAS IMPLANTS LTD are so confident in the quality of its products, which is available free of charge to replace any implant in case of rejection*.
*under the following conditions:

the implant spent an experienced certified specialist;
total number of failed implantation in the practice of the doctor who installed the implant did not exceed 3%;
the implant was returned not later than 14 days from the date of rejection and not later than 90
days from the date of installation;

the implant must be accompanied by a report completed in accordance with the form;

the manufacturer is not liable for consequential damages arising from the rejection of the implant.